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What's in the Open Zone

Open Zone is a virtual innovation lab designed for individual developers, as well as technology and business partners. It provides a testing ground to build, demonstrate, share, augment and test cutting edge financial technologies, reference implementations as well as various other business applications and solutions. We encourage fintech innovators to build their own disruptive business models based on technologies which have been tested and proven at scale and applicable for a multitude of use cases including virtual banking, supply chain finance, mobile payment, smart retail, and others.

Open Zone User


Individual developers can experiment with Open Zone to power their own applications and business growth. Code developed by the third parties can be hosted in the Open Zone marketplace as an Open Source Component or a Paid Solution or Service to inspire and collaborate with others' applications.

Technology Alliance


Collaborative Business Technologies Provider

WeBank licenses its core technologies to system integrators and financial institutions to form the technology alliance, which will build the collaborative business ecosystem together to promote inclusive finance.

System Integrators

Collaborative Business Technologies Developers

System integrators provide all-encompassing technical services, including solution designing, system integration and production support for financial institutions and non-financial firms to deliver Collaborative Business

Business Partners

Businesses that adopt Collaborative Business Technologies

Empowered by WeBank FinTech and supported by system integrators, business partners offer innovative financial services to the mass market, which create technical and business synergies for all market innovators.

The Future of Collaborative Business


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