Why partner with WeBank?

At WeBank we are staunch believers of Open Innovation, and strong supporters of Open Collaboration. We believe opening up technology is key to furthering technology enablement and driving business collaboration. We share our core technologies and business solutions with our partners through APIs and SDKs to help co-build a Collaborative Business ecosystem for our business partners.

WeBank shares its latest advancements in financial technologies and reference implementations with our partners to build the foundation of the Collaborative Business. This in turn helps to establish a global network of businesses which may jointly create new, distributed business models as part of the new open banking era.

How to become our partner?

partnership diagram


Our technical solutions and business applications present a multi-dimensional view of WeBank's FinTech capabilities. These capabilities may be experienced via our reference implementations built in the Open Zone.


To join our partnership network, please email your interest along with relevant information (name, job title, company name, industry, contacts etc.) to fintech@webank.com. Our fintech specialists will contact you to guide you through the partnership application process.


Once the partnership application is processed, further information might be requested. A mutual non-disclosure agreement is then signed.


A memorandum of understanding is signed that defines the scope and nature of the collaboration between parties.


Upon completing the partnership agreement, various workshops, technology sharing sessions, and trainings will be arranged by WeBank for technology partners. Technology partners may typically offer system integration and solution development services to WeBank's strategic business partners based on WeBank technologies, and may also provide them on-going support and maintenance services to keep up with the technology upgrades and new releases of WeBank FinTech solutions.