A bridge connecting applications with the blockchain infrastructure

WeBASE (WeBank Blockchain Application Software Extension) provides an intuitive web interface for IDE, management tools and REST API to let developer easily build and implement modules on blockchain such as smart contracts, transactions, visual interface and data analytics etc. without having to be concerned about its underlying implementation and mechanism. Such leads to fast innovation on blockchain application.

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Design Concept

On-demand Deployment

WeBASE components can be individually packaged subject to the needs of application to make the deployment package lightweight.


WeBASE is structured as a collection of loosely coupled services to improve modularity and can be interacted through RESTful interface.

Decoupled Architecture

All sub-systems are independently running and unaware of the presence of others to keep each one at a complete autonomy.

Separation of Front-end and Back-end

Developer can switch a customized front-end layout at ease without having to change the interfaces to the backend services.

Basic Module

IDE (Smart Contract IDE)

Offer an online IDE optimized for development in Solidity language, debugging, testing and deployment related works.

Asynchronous Data Publishing on Chain

Publish transaction data onto the chain asynchronously to make reconciliation process independent of chain activity.

On-Chain Data Export

Export the data from the chain into stores such as DB, ES, MQ and Hadoop through the standard interface provided.

System Monitoring

Dashboards to visualize statistical information for the data on the chain.

Node (Front-End Server)

Allow developers to manage the nodes activities through a lightweight HTTP protocol.

On-Chain Data Monitor

Provide a visual console for functions like smart contract deployment, transactions monitoring/auditing and resource utilization overview.

Private Key Management

Secure the private key in a separate storage with encryption applied.

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